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Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

Services Include but are not limited to:

Mowing, Edging & Blowing
Routine mowing services are an important part of maintaining beautiful and healthy landscaping. We schedule our mowing services to coincide with the beginning of turf-growing season. Our lawn maintenance team will mow and trim your lawn with the utmost care and attention to detail and we will leave your property clean and pristine every time.

​Spring, Summer & Fall Clean-Ups

Our seasonal clean-up services are designed to address wear and tear, as well as rejuvenate your landscaping. As the growing season commences, we will clean, edge, weed and mulch your landscape beds and prune your shrubs as needed.

Mulch Installation
Adding mulch to your landscape adds a protective layer of material to help conserve moisture and deter weed growth, which protects the health of the plant. Our teams will apply a layer of mulch into garden beds and other areas of your landscape where plants need to be protected from the freezing and thawing soil.

Leaf Removal
Fallen leaves can blemish your beautiful landscaping, which is why King Cuts offers seasonal leaf removal. From October to February, we will rake up and remove burdensome leaves from your property.

​Hedge, Bush & Tree Trimming​
King Cuts Landscaping can give your overgrown bushes, hedges or trees a more stylish appearance with our trimming services. Give your landscaping an overdue “haircut” that will also help the plant remain healthy. We use commercial-grade trimmers and equipment to ensure the best quality cut. 

Scheduled Bed Maintenance and Detail Visits
You want beautiful landscaping all year-long and so do we. King Cuts offers detail visits to spruce up your property as the need arises in order to keep your home and property the picture of perfection throughout the year. We will prune, weed and care for your landscape as it was our own. Allow King Cuts Landscaping to help you “wow” your neighbors with stunning Annapolis landscape beds. Our landscaping crews will keep your garden beds free of weeds and other unwanted vegetation by setting up periodic cleanings throughout the season to make sure your Severna Park Landscaping looks its best.

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