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Routine Mowing Service

This is an agreement between KCL Services, Inc dba King Cuts Landscaping hereinafter referred to as the contractor and/or we and you hereinafter referred to as the client and/or you. Contractor and client hereby promise and agree to the following: The contractor agrees to provide the mowing services as agreed and the client (you) agrees to pay the charges specified herein.

All turf areas will be mowed to maintain with blades set at height of 3.5''- 4.5''   throughout the mowing season - unless requested otherwise. All mower blades are to be sharp to ensure smooth cutting of the grass blades. If we feel your turf is not in need of service due to conditions of the turf, we will not perform the service. In conjunction with each mowing, trimming will be performed around all objects in the turf areas, such as trees, utility boxes, light posts, shrubbery beds, etc.  All sidewalks, asphalt paths and concrete curbs shall be neatly edged to produce a clean sharp line of turf. Grass clippings will be blown from the  sidewalk, curbs, parking areas with each mowing.

Guarantee:Your satisfaction is very important to us. Weekly mowing service is guaranteed. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the service please, let us know within 24 hours so we can get it corrected for your next service or inspect. To note, we have GPS tracking devices on all King Cuts vehicles.

Every other week mowing: If you sign up for bi-weekly service (every other week mowing) we cannot guarantee quality of cut as bi-weekly service is not recommended for best results. Most yards won’t look their best (in season) with less than weekly service. Logistically and Financially, it is not feasible to double or triple cut your lawn to maintain quality and our teams have been instructed to no longer do so. We are no longer offering bi-weekly service to new customers and eventually, will phase out bi-weekly service completely. Please switch to weekly service and we will always skip without charge if not needed. If you are particular about the look of your grass, schedule weekly mowing in season.

Rain: IF IT RAINS AT ANY POINT DURING THE WEEK – ESPECIALLY FOR ONE FULL DAY – ALL PROPERTIES SCHEDULED FOR THAT DAY ARE PUSHED TO THE FOLLOWING DRY DAY (UNLESS MULTIPLE DAYS OF RAIN OCCUR). WE DO NOT SEND TEAMS OUT ON SUNDAYS. Services completed the following day after a storm come with certain challenges, especially in the Spring when grass is growing faster than we can cut it (it has rained every week so far, this season). Quality may be compromised after a rainstorm, however, we do the best we can, within reason, given the conditions.

Tall Grass: When you sign up for service it is assumed that your lawn is not  overgrown; and prices are based as such. It takes substantially longer to mow an overgrown lawn and prices may vary based on  condition of lawn at time of first service.  

Automatic Sprinklers/Irrigation Systems: Try not water the day of your scheduled service, the cut may not be satisfactory, grass blades lay over when wet and blow off of debris is difficult. Redo’s are not offered when the grass is wet from irrigation and/or rain.

Damage: We are very careful when we service your lawn, but if a covered incident does happen, we will repair the damage. Contact us immediately, no later than 24 hours after the service where damage occurred. If you have a covered claim the submission of sufficient evidence is required, receipt for the item, photos of the damage, contractor may require a review of the item to evaluate the damage. If we are required to move objects to service your lawn and/or landscape, we cannot guarantee they will be put back in the correct place. 

Hoses, toys, and other items left on lawn: we are not responsible for damage to items left on the lawn. The teams do their best to avoid running over hoses, toys, paper, dog bones, etc. However, we work very fast and these items are sometimes difficult to see, so, please, take a moment and collect all objects on the lawn before the service team arrives.

Covered damages that occur during the performance of our services: shall be the sole responsibility of the KCL Services, Inc dba King Cuts Landscaping. All approved repairs will be made by contractor; repairs made by others will not be our financial responsibility. 

Pet Waste: Please remove pet waste from lawn prior to mowing service. 

Charges: Auto-Pay, conveniently charges a valid credit card on file the week service is performed typically the day after service. Keep in mind the charge does not always post to your account the exact day we enter it. We consider your credit card statement your receipt. A detailed invoice of your charges is available by e-mail upon request. 

Duration of Service: Regular Mowing season is typically end of March through the middle of November depending on growth/weather conditions. Please note that weather does affect the need for weekly or every other week service and we may change your schedule accordingly.

Season to Season Continuing Service: We consider you our loyal customer from season to season until you cancel. For the convenience of our customers, service will automatically renew in March unless you request otherwise.

Skipped Mows: To skip a service you MUST contact us by phone or e-mail at least 24 hours, if, you do not wish to be serviced on your scheduled service day.

Holidays: Schedules may be moved forward or back due to a week day holiday.

Inaccessible Yards: Once the service team arrives we begin our systematic approach to servicing your lawn. In order to provide timely, efficient and dependable service WE DO NOT CALL OR KNOCK on the door if a yard is inaccessible. Our team will note the work order the reason why an area was not serviced. We do not offer credits or redo’s for missed areas due to inaccessible yards. If a trip is made and we were unable to service any areas the regular service fee will be charged. If you request a return trip the regular service fee applies and service is rescheduled when we are in the area.

Inaccessible Yards include but are not limited to: locked gates; broken gates; ongoing projects; moving vans; too many parked cars; pets outside; outdoor parties; irrigation running; construction material or workman in a yard.

Combination Locks: With a combination lock we can guarantee your peace of mind and insure our ability to service your property. If you already have a combination lock let us know and we’ll keep the number on file.

Locked Gates: Our service teams are careful about locking and closing gates, if security is a concern, please make a quick check of the gate and lock for closure after our service to ensure the gate is secured and please contact us if you find the gate/lock open, we will remind the service team to lock every time! However, we cannot guarantee a gate will latch and the lock is in place. You accept our service with these terms.

Pets: Our service teams love pets; not all pets love us! We are careful about locking and closing gates, but, we cannot guarantee a pet will not escape. We recommend keeping your pets inside on service day and check the gate for closure after service to ensure it is latched before releasing your valuable pets into the yard. You accept our service with these terms.

Cancels, Changes, Complaints, and Communications: Please, make all communications, changes to service, or complaints through the office and not the service team. There is a possibility that your team leader may forget, be off the next day, or misunderstand the information. Contacting the office directly allows us to insure that your changes or needs are noted correctly in your customer file and are placed on work orders, and it is the only approved way to for a change to service or additional services. The team is authorized to perform only the work listed on their work order for the day, additional work requires authorization and  approval of the office before proceeding.

Cancellations: You may cancel this agreement at any time with one week notice (no weekend cancellations for the following Monday). Any service completed prior to cancellation will be due. Accepted ONLY through e-mail, written notice or by contacting us by phone 410.798.1622. It is your responsibility to inform us of a cancellation.

E-Mail: Electronic notification is monitored from 9am to 5pm during mowing season and checked on a regular basis out of mowing season. We prefer to use e-mail, because, your message gets to us even when we are out of the office, we can respond sooner, regarding schedules changes and special service instructions. However, we’re still happy to hear from you by phone too!


Telephone: The office is open from 8am to 4pm Monday through Friday during the season. We will do our best to return your call by the end of the day if you call before 3pm Monday through Friday. Messages are checked on a regular basis during and after the mowing season.

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