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Snow Removal Contract Terms of Agreement

The client agrees to pay King Cuts Landscaping on a per “service item basis” that will be billed after each service.  All invoices will include itemized and detailed lists of service hours and materials used.  Invoices will be sent after the service is performed and are due fifteen days (Net 15) from the date of the invoice.

All work is to be completed in a workmanlike manner per standard practices of Maryland Department of Transportation and County Codes. All areas/services covered under this agreement will be completed using the utmost care and attention to detail, however, King Cuts Landscaping will not be held liable for any injury / death caused by slippery conditions to any persons that are not King Cuts Landscaping personnel. Asphalt may deteriorate and we will not be held responsible for damage to the parking lot, driveways, parking curbs, bump stops, speed bumps, manhole covers etc. King Cuts Landscaping will take every measure possible not to crack, break or damage any asphalt or concrete. King Cuts Landscaping will not be held responsible for any asphalt or concrete damage by machines, trucks or ice melting products unless negligence of King Cuts Landscaping personnel is apparent.

Special attention will be given to all roads, entranceways and sidewalks - All curb corners can be marked/staked by a King Cuts Landscaping manger per request for additional cost. Our crew leader/ driver assigned to your property will have a map of the community and a detailed scope of worksheet.

The Client has a responsibility to inspect the property within 24 hours after King Cuts Landscaping has completed any services.  If the Client is dissatisfied with any work performed, immediately contact King Cuts Landscaping within those 24 hours.  King Cuts Landscaping shall then have 48 hours to repair or correct such work at no additional cost to the Client after review of the damages.  If King Cuts Landscaping is not made aware of the dissatisfaction or errors within 24 hours of completion, under this agreement all work performed shall be considered satisfactory. 

King Cuts Landscaping reserves the right to sub-contract parts of work as scoped in this contract.


If the Client shall default in any obligations enforced in this agreement, the corporation shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney’s fee and court costs in addition to any other damages allowed under the laws of Maryland.

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